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The ABCs of Going for Crypto Casino Games in Malaysia

When searching for a decent web casino, expect to come across common developer names like Microgaming, Amatic, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Endorphina, Pragmatic Play, and so forth. However, what if you’re going for crypto casino games in particular?

Hopefully, this guide for online gambling in Malaysia will assist you in knowing what to look for or what cryptocurrency is all about! Just keep on reading below to find out more.

Acceptance of Cryptocurrencies in Modern Casino Gaming

Yes, Bitcoin and NFTs have gotten quite the rap nowadays. However, in the long term, they’ve proven to be on the rise yet again, with it still being worth $21,321 from its height of $65,000.

  • What is Cryptocurrency?

    Crypto is an electronic currency wherein transactions have records and verification in order to maintain them in a decentralized system. It uses cryptography instead of a centralized authority (like banks or the International Monetary Fund or IMF).

  • Why Do People Bet on Crypto?

    Many an online casino malaysia website or e-wallet casino allow people to bet on crypto because crypto has monetary value and it has quite the upside. Crypto supporters are “buying the dip” as we speak in anticipation of it growing in the future.

    Long story short, online gambling in Malaysia is all about the BTC or other coins like Ethereum (ETH) and Metacoin (META) because it’s a worthwhile growing investment.

  • You Can Bet on Anything Anyway:

    By the way, when talking about crypto casino games, this means games that allow you to bet in crypto deposits instead of U.S. dollars or ringgit (Malaysian currency). The upside to such games is getting your hands in valuable BTC.

  • Innovation, Security, Privacy, and Quality:

    A player can have more fun on a casino game—whether it’s slots or fish shooting games as well as poker, roulette, and blackjack—based on who they’re competing with, how functional the game is, and how satisfying the wins are.

    It certainly helps that crypto provides Malaysians (who are forbidden by religion and by the state to gamble in the first place) a much faster, more private, and secure means of payment.

  • BTC and Gambling is Actually a Match Made in Heaven:

    Think about it. Bitcoin allows for you to process your payment even faster than online payment processors like electronic banking or PayPal. You can indulge more with your online casino malaysia website this way.

  • Is Finding BTC or Crypto Games Online Enough

    Well, no. Accepting crypto is just one of the many promotional tactics that an online casino malaysia website to entice certain demographics of Malaysians to play games there.

    Non-fiat decentralized money aside, the casino games themselves should also be worth playing. The website should offer “fun” games many mobile or PC users can enjoy.

  • What’s a “Fun” Game?

    Many marketing spiels and copy use “fun” as a buzzword that doesn’t really mean anything. However, it’s also a concept that you’ll know once you see it in a game. Fun can mean many things to many people, so it’s hard to quantify for an e-wallet casino.

  • Game Variety and the Competitive Scene:

    Making sure that the games you’re playing at a given e-wallet casino is “fun” entails scoping out a diversity of them so that the playerbase is assured everyone’s personal taste is accommodated.

    Some have more fun with games of chance where the only thing you can control is the number of spins as you wait for the jackpot or predicting when you’ll get a roll right. Others want more control against the rising tide of chance, like when playing poker.

  • Various Payment Options:

    A good online gambling in Malaysia with crypto gaming should offer loads of payment options. Now crypto payments are a given. However, it also pays to have other payment options, like ringgit or dollars.

  • The Art of Poker and the Poker Face:

    Poker games and tournaments can serve as crypto casino games themselves as long as BTC or ETH is on the line. Poker is a fun crypto game because you can apply psychology to it. You can read the behavior of other players.

    You can also use your “poker face” to fool players into folding when you have a not-so-favorable hand or calling a bluff when you do have a hand that could wipe them out.

  • Enticing Bonuses and Promos:

    Players also love an online casino malaysia website that gives you more deposits as long as you have more payment options to offer. Go for Malaysian mobile casinos with signup or deposit bonuses as well as free credit e-wallet casino.

  • Is There a Catch to the Promos?

    Having the ability to mix different payment options or avail of bonuses galore from free games/spins to sticky bonuses you can’t withdraw but you can use to make bigger wagers are all part of a healthy online casino malaysia website ecosystem.

  • Easy Withdrawals:

    The crypto casino games will naturally make it easy to withdraw money due to the quickness of processing BTC or ETH. The real delay comes from the casino. Some casinos take forever to get you your winnings. Others have many conditions before your winnings can be withdrawn.

    A trustworthy e-wallet casino allows you to withdraw winnings within 10 to 20 minutes without any hassle when doing some online gambling in Malaysia. Others may take days to delay the clearing of payments.

  • Crypto is Favorable to Malaysians:

    Crypto like BTC is particularly favorable to Malaysians who live in a Muslim country that forbids gambling, with them using crypto to bypass any potential legal trouble as they gamble in the shadows at their own risk.

Indeed, BTC and other crypto coins can give spice to any game you play, whether you’re showing off your on-cam poker face in live poker matches in Zoom or you’re endlessly doing spins on a Terminator-themed online slot machine.


Bitcoin has grown significantly in popularity, with its value a decade ago allowing you to buy a pizza for 10,000 bitcoin and that number today being equivalent to $210,466,056.03 (at the time of this writing). It has quite the implications for online gambling in Malaysia too.

That’s right, even with bitcoin plunging down in value, 10,000 of BTC remains worth $210 million. This is the reason why many wish to play crypto casino games because the potential upside for BTC remains high despite its volatile dips as of late.

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